Extra Long Foot Brush


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Extra Long Foot Scrubbing Brush

  • Help keep your back feeling good and alleviate stress from reaching your feet. No need to bend over to reach your feet to clean with this extra long foot brush. Now you can keep your feet and legs clean without having to bend over. This is perfect for cleaning in the shower, applying for lotions or medicines, and even getting that pesky itch. This brush is great at helping you with daily tasks while preventing your back from getting strained.
  • Includes two interchangeable heads for cleaning and applying for lotions or medicines. The extra heads allow you to clean them and still use the brush at the same time.
  • Nylon bristles on the handle give you the stiffness and support you need to get a good clean.
  • Perfect for an elderly family member or a loved one with a hurt back. Good hygiene is key to a good life. Help them feel better every day.
  • Includes a long string which is perfect for being hung up in the shower for easy use. This brush is designed to withstand daily use in the shower.
  • Measures 25 inches in length. The perfect length to reach your feet


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